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In acknowledgement of the MIRINZ 50th Anniversary in May 2005, it was timely to review the technological innovations developed by MIRINZ, over the years, and note that this important work is still continuing at AgResearch.

AgResearch MIRINZ continues the proud tradition of providing advice, information and expertise directly to the meat industry as consultants and advisors. This also provides vital industry contact so that researchers have the opportunity to understand industry better which helps target research better to industry needs.

In listing the achievements we especially acknowledge the contributions of Meat & Wool New Zealand (and predecessor organisations) plus the contributions of FRST, Meat & Livestock Australia and individual meat companies who have supported, and continue to support, the research work undertaken.

Though not an exhaustive list, below are many of the innovations in meat processing which have their developmental origins at AgResearch MIRINZ.

Beef Equipment

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Electrical Stunning including Halal

  • Gut Cutter - Beef

Lamb Equipment

  • Automatic Head Only Stunner

  • Automatic Ovine Primal Cutting

  • Backstrap Portioning Machine

  • Brain Recovery

  • Brisket Clearer

  • Brisket Cutter

  • Chine & Featherbone Removal

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Electrical Stunning including Halal

  • Eviscerator

  • Frozen Chop Cutting Machine

  • Head Removal

  • Head Skinning

  • Hock Cutter

  • Inverted Dressing

  • Loin Boning

  • Neck Breaker

  • Pelting Systems

  • Variable Height Boning Table

  • Wide to Narrow Transfer

  • Woolly Head Splitter

Pork Equipment

  • Loin Boning - Pork

Instrumentation and Software

  • Delphi Data Logger

  • Food Product Modeller

  • Meat Cut ID Software and System

  • Meat Plant Energy Model

  • MIHeat

  • Monitor for Refrigeration Systems

  • Non-invasive frozen temperature detector

  • PHI & PSI Software

  • Refrigeration Loads Analyser

  • Stimulation monitors

  • Tenderometer

  • Utilities Modeller

Processes and Food Products

  • AC & A and other process optimisations

  • Beef and Lamb Chips

  • Cold-set Bound Restructured Fish

  • Cold-set Bound Restructured Game

  • Cold-set Bound Restructured Meat

  • Collagen Coatings for Food

  • Controlled Atmosphere Packaging

  • Extraction of Proteolytic Enzymes

  • First-Class Airline Catering

  • Forced-Aeration Composting

  • Immersion Chiller

  • Odour-control Biofilters

  • Soft Beef Jerky

  • Superheated Steam Airless Dryer

  • Wetland Effluent Systems


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