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The Energy & Processing team specialises in the design and optimisation of processes to maximise product quality and safety, while minimising energy and water use.

Focusing on design, improvement and troubleshooting of food heating or cooling processes. In particular, they have carried out many years of research and industry work on refrigeration, rendering and industrial cooking processes for the NZ meat industry.

Additionally, the team has applied itself to developing novel processing technologies and new modelling software for food process design. Some examples of these include: Food Product Modeller™ software, a Spray Freeze Dryer, an Immersion Chiller, a Superheated Steam Dryer and a Refrigeration Coefficient of Performance Monitor.

Team Biography

The Energy & Processing team started its life as the Works Services team of MIRINZ Incorporated, and later became the Refrigeration & Energy team. Under MIRINZ Limited it was combined with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering teams to form Technology Innovations. Now as part of AgResearch Limited it is part of the Food, Metabolism & Microbiology section.


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