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Non-Invasive Measurement

Non-Invasive Measurement Technology specialises in real-time field/site measurements using all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (RF to X-ray), sonic spectrum (sonar to ultrasound) and specialised surface chemistry based sensors.

Our engineers, physicists, chemists, chemometricians and software specialists have a proud publishing and patent record and proven ability to take our research from fundamental concepts through to pre-production prototypes.

Under AgResearch we have our expanded our focus from just red meat to include other meats, fish, dairy, live animals, pasture and soil – in fact any aspect of New Zealand's pastoral agriculture is within our scope and ability.

Team Biography

The evolution of the Measurement Technology Team began with the Measurement and Electrical Technology (MET) Team in MIRINZ. Within AgResearch MET was initially merged with the Process and Preservation Team to form the Measurement Technology Team, and later merged into Dairy Science.


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