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When looking at the lists of products researched and developed, consider the knowledge and skills that have gone into that work, and think how that knowledge and skills could help you and your business.

Many of the developments that have taken place in the NZ meat processing industry since the mid 1950's have either come directly from or been derived from the research carried out at AgResearch MIRINZ.

The linked MeatCare™ and MeatCare™ Components brochures provide a useful overview of the services and advice that AgResearch MIRINZ can provide. These illustrate the scope and progressive approach that can be taken. The teams covered in these Departments provide the skills and knowledge to step in at any stage of the process and provide valuable input to ensure product quality is attained and maintained.

Refer to the individual Team pages to see the services offered. It is important to realise that the teams work together to provide a holistic outcome where required. For example, the Meat Science, Food Safety and Energy & Processing teams combine on many projects and consulting jobs.


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