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Between 1982 and 1999 the Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (MIRINZ) produced 46 "MIRINZ Bulletins". These 2 to 6 page bulletins were produced as easy-to-read reports of specific areas of research.

The research described in these bulletins was carried out for the New Zealand meat processing industry as it was at that time, and therefore may not be directly applicable to your present situation.

The bulletins here are provided in PDF format for your use. Should you have any questions about these bulletins and related research or consulting, please use the email address provided below as a first point of contact. Your enquiry will be passed on to our most appropriate expert in that field.

Disclaimer - Every effort has been made to ensure that information in these bulletins was correct at the time of publication. MIRINZ (now AgResearch) accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from any advice, opinion, statement or omission in these publications.

Note - Not all of the bulletins are available yet.

  1. Container loading - Two stacking methods help meet minima (1982)
  2. Deboning machines - Guidelines to assist in evaluation (1983)
  3. Viscera washing - Advantages and details of a MIRINZ washer (1983)
  4. Weight loss in lamb carcasses - Causes and guidelines for reduction (1984)
  5. The long storage life of frozen NZ lamb - A summary of MIRINZ research (1984)
  6. Maximizing yields from conventional blood processing - Guidelines to improve production (1985)
  7. Inverted manual pelting - An illustrated guide to pelt removal for the home kill (1986)
  8. Humidity in meat processing plants - Analysing and solving humidity-related problems (1986)
  9. Simple sensory techniques - A guide to in-house sensor evaluation (1988; revised 1994)
  10. Hazardous atmospheres in confined spaces (1991)
  11. "Meating" your customers' needs (1992)
  12. Energy use and conservation (1992)
  13. Chilled meat packaging (1993)
  14. Testing potable water (1993)
  15. Constructed wastewater wetlands (1994)
  16. Cold-set binders (1994)
  17. Anaerobic lagoons (1995)
  18. Meat patty technology 1 - Raw materials and formulation (1995)
  19. Meat patty technology 2 - Processing variables, storage, and final product quality (1995)
  20. Beef paunch processing (1996)
  21. Fat in meat - Benefits and challenges (1996)
  22. Pre-slaughter animal management for welfare and production (1997)
  23. Calculating freezing times (1997)
  24. Irrigation of meat processing effluents (1997)
  25. Grey fat (1998)
  26. Rendering systems and product quality (1998)
  27. The Process Hygiene Index (PHI) in meat processing (1998)
  28. Meat thawing (1999)
  29. Beef quality - Effect of meat pH, marbling and doneness (1999)
  30. Bleeding defects - Surface bleeding on skin removal (1999)

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